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Over There

There's more than one of everything.

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A community for the Alt Verse on Fringe
This is a community dedicated to the altverse on Fringe. Fic, icons, fanvids, graphics, discussion posts - all are welcome.

Community Rules:

1: Any kind of fan art is welcome, as long as it is centred around the alternate universe in some way. If posting icons, icons from both universes and/or other fandoms are fine, but at least one icon should be from an episode set Over There. If posting fic, the same principle applies - it should either be set at least partly Over There, or centred around Over There characters (characters from Over There visiting Over Here and vice versa is fine, as are crossovers). However, this does not extend to Fringe actors playing other roles, i.e. John Noble in Lord of the Rings icons would not be allowed unless they were part of a post that included Over There icons.

2: Promoting other communities is fine as long as they are Fringe-related. Multi-fandom fic exchanges etc. are fine as long as Fringe is an option in the exchange.

3: No bashing of any characters or actors.

4: All spoilers to be behind a LJ-cut.

5: Ditto for any large graphics. If you're posting icons, the maximum teaser is 3 icons before the LJ-cut link.

6: Fics to be either behind a cut or a link to your journal. Please also provide accurate warnings if applicable. Gen, het and slash all welcomed.

7: No flaming please.

8: Think that's enough rules now, so I'll close by saying Have fun!